Our organization supports the arts in the community and we strive to be a resource for artists and enthusiasts alike. We believe in lifelong learning in and through the arts. Our organization’s commitment is uplift the lives of children and adults alike by offering arts education to the public and the local community. To accomplish this, we offer online resources for all art disciplines including dance, music, theater, and visual arts. We believe that it is better to start early when instilling the importance and benefits of the arts to children.

In line with our mission and objectives, we have designed the site to serve as an additional resource for families, teachers, administrators, and advocates. We organize regular events where we coordinate with school administrators and parent groups to organize community outreach services. These programs aim to help boost the community’s capacity to advocate for educational equity and to provide critical cultural experiences for the entire family. Many of the resources we provide focus on themes of leadership roles, social justice, and civic engagement through culture and community.


The organization represents and fosters a diverse and vibrant arts ecology, supporting a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice across the region. Our mission is to strengthen and develop the contemporary visual arts sector in England, using the Network as a platform for collegiate working locally and nationally. We also aim to create and sustain a strong and supportive network for the arts, working collectively to safeguard the future of artists and this discipline as a whole.

We believe in the transformational power of an arts education to serve as the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals. Because of this, the resources we offer combine a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, immersive studio practice, and an abundance of professional development opportunities to provide an educational experience that embodies artistic excellence, civic engagement, and creative entrepreneurship.

What We Do

Our primary activities are concerned with filling the gap that is often left by the omission of comprehensive art education from the curriculum of most educational institutions. Arts education on its own is a wonder to behold, and lends itself to the freedom of self-expression and nondiscriminatory language. However, by integrating other learning objectives and themes of positive character development, we are empowering everyone to be leaders, socially responsible and compassionate and involved in community activities.

We provide extensive resources for interdisciplinary arts education which are designed with personal integrity and cultural background of the individual student in mind, honoring his or her ethnic origin and language orientation. The organization strives to strike a balance between mutual respect and creative exploration, encouraging artists, enthusiasts, and the rest of the community to engage fully as a single entity that is intent on helping artists complete their personal projects and enriching the community with more knowledge about the arts. Some of the resources we provide focus on themes of leadership roles, social justice, and civic engagement through culture and community.